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Shale gas policy debate likely to continue

Neither pro or anti shale gas actors show signs of winning the policy debate, according to new research

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Science on safety of chlorinated chicken 'misunderstood'

Government’s assurances that there are no health problems are misleading, say food policy experts

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No-deal chaos to hit food businesses in Ireland

A new briefing argues that a no-deal Brexit would lead to disruption in food supplies across Ireland

Hinkley point power station boxGreat Britains Creative Industries 

Businesses from Greater Brighton’s creative industries generated more than £1.5 billion in turnover last year.

Hinkley point power station boxUnclear nuclear

How UK energy consumers unwittingly pay for military infrastructures.

Hinkley point power station boxBrexit: Averting Food Disruption

Councils urged to ramp up contingency planning to avert food disruption in any version of Brexit

Beef squareSTEPS Centre Unveils 2019 Theme: Uncertainty

The STEPS Centre has launched a new theme for 2019 on Uncertainty.