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Modern Energy Cooking Services Programme

Academics are developing a method to help build systems that have the potential to transform access to clean cooking services.

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Fuel and Transport Poverty in the UK's Energy Transition

A new three-year research project will explore ways to ensure that the UK’s shift to a low-carbon society does not leave anyone behind. 

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Solar-Biomass Reversible (SolBio-Rev)

The core objective of this project is to reduce the primary energy consumption of the whole building sector across the EU.

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RISIS2 - Open Science Project

RISIS 2 has been designed to promote a research infrastructure to advance Science Technology and Innovation studies

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TRansit - Modelling transition risk

Working to understand the macro-economic implications of the transition to a net-zero carbon economy.

Olympic park current boxOperationalising Socio-Technical Energy Transitions

This project focuses upon processes and decision-points for realising the transition of the UK energy system(s) towards decarbonisation.

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Steering Research and Innovation for the Global Goals

Mapping development pathways for science, technology and innovation that best address the UN Sustainable Development Goals

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No 1. UK think tank
SPRU ranked 1st in the UK (3rd globally) by Global Go To Index in its list of top Science and Technology think tanks. 

Fuel and Transport Poverty in the UK’s Energy Transition