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New Scholarships in Memory of SPRU Co-Founder

A substantial memorial fund has been launched for Masters study at SPRU, which celebrates and continues the legacy of Professor Geoffrey Oldham (1929 – 2017), SPRU’s co-founder. The Geoffrey Oldham Memorial Scholarships were announced at a one-day workshop in April, held at the University of Sussex in memory of Geoffrey, known to all as Geoff. The scholarship fund has been deemed a perfect contribution to Geoff’s legacy.  

Geoff Oldham served as Deputy Director of SPRU before becoming Director in 1982. His work on science and technology policy and developing countries is unparalleled. Alan Freeman, whose father, Professor Chris Freeman (1921-2010), founded SPRU with Geoff in 1966, poignantly remarked, “Chris and Geoff changed the world for the better”.

Several Geoffrey Oldham scholarships are available for Masters study at SPRU in 2018–2019 and 2019–2020. Professor Keith Bezanson (Former President and CEO of IDRC), who announced the scholarships at the workshop last month, offered his gratitude for all who had helped make them possible. Through these scholarships, Geoff’s passion for education and for ‘passing on the light’ of learning is celebrated and preserved by passing the torch on to the next generation.

For more information and to apply for the 2018 Geoffrey Oldham Memorial Scholarships (deadline 1 July 2018), visit the scholarships web page.