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Turkey Dinner 100pxChlorine-washed turkey for Christmas dinner?

New FRC Briefing Paper highlights food safety dangers of USA trade deal post Brexit.

Raw Chicken 100pxHow Brexit threatens food security

New blog reports on the impact of Brexit on food standards and safety.

Tim Foxon Book Cover 100x100 pxEnergy and Economic Growth

New book examines the dynamics of energy’s role in economic and industrial change.

Rumy Hasan book cover - square 100pxReligion and Development in the Global South

New book examines compelling links between religious oppression and economic stagnation.

Food table square 100pxA Food Brexit: time to get real

The UK is seriously unprepared for the effects of Brexit on its food system, reveals new report

How did we do that - Rapid Transitions report cover squareIs rapid transition possible?

New STEPS Centre book shows radical transitions are more possible than we think.

Art meets science graphic

'The Fusion Effect' cited in WEF paper

SPRU research referenced in WEF White Paper, on importance of combining arts and science.