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Professor of Economics of Innovation appointed

SPRU has appointed Luigi Orsenigo as the RM Phillips Chair in Economics of Innovation. He will be joining in October from the IUSS - University School for Advanced Studies, Pavia in Italy, where he previously worked as a Professor of Applied Economics.

Professor Johan Schot said of the appointment: “With Luigi, SPRU will be able to expand its research and teaching on the economics of innovation. He is one of the stars of the field having worked across disciplines in a true SPRU spirit, doing problem oriented work. We are looking forward to working with him”.

Professor Orsenigo completed his PhD at SPRU under the supervision of Keith Pavitt and has since been working with many key SPRU figures such as Professors Dick Nelson and Giovanni Dosi.

He said: “SPRU is like my intellectual home. I would not have left my institution for any other place. I am looking forward to being involved in the wealth of empirical research that is generated here but I am also keen to develop stronger links between theory and empirics”.Picture of Luigi Orsenigo

Professor Orsenigo’s research focuses on industrial dynamics, industrial evolution and innovation and how these intertwine; with a specific focus on the biopharmaceutical industry as well as sectoral patterns of innovation. His theoretical interests lie mainly in evolutionary models, having worked on history-friendly models with Dick Nelson, Franco Malerba and Sidney Winter. Their book ‘Innovation and the evolution of industries: history-friendly models’ won the Schumpeter Prize in 2012.

Professor Orsenigo will be working on building stronger links between SPRU and economics and he is keen to be involved in teaching as well.