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Alumni - Share your story

Connecting with SPRU alumni is an important part of our 50th anniversary year with many joining us at the Anniversary Conference in September and at regional events such as the SPRU Africa Engagement Week. We have tracked many of our alumni down so please look out for the regular newsletters and invitations to SPRU events and read about the influence of SPRU alumni around the world. If we haven’t found you yet please do Stay Connected. You can also connect with SPRU via LinkedInFacebook and Twitter.

Share your SPRU story

We would really like to hear about your experiences of studying or working at SPRU and how it has helped shape your career. If you would be happy to share your SPRU story please fill out the simple form below. Every story will be read and responded to by former SPRU librarian, Maureen Winder. Many of the stories received earlier this year were compiled into a commemorative book (PDF).