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The U&I project: Uptake and implementation of CBT for unusual distressing experiences (psychosis)


The U&I Project – Uptake and Implementation of CBT for psychosis


The U&I Project is a 33-month NIHR-funded study being conducted in SPT and SLaM.

Study background

CBT for psychosis is the only individual talking therapy recommended by NICE for people experiencing psychosis, despite this 84% of trusts struggle to deliver it and only 20% of service users receive it. Aside from the issue around capacity, we know there are many barriers to mental health teams being able to implement this in practice. We also know that improved access to therapies relies on a better understanding of the barriers and facilitators influencing its uptake (in service users) and implementation (in clinicians).

Study aims

To better understand the knowledge, attitudes, beliefs and behaviours which influence uptake (in service users) and implementation (in clinicians) of CBT for psychosis. To use this understanding of the barriers and facilitators to develop a pre-CBT ‘informed choice’ package.


All those recruited were either service users with a psychosis-related diagnosis (F20-29) or clinicians who works with individuals experiencing psychosis. Service user participants must be aged between 16-65 years old and be able to give informed consent.

Study design

  • Phase 1a: Qualitative methods (focus groups and interviews) will allow in depth analysis of CBTp knowledge and beliefs and their role of facilitators or barriers to implementation and uptake.
  • Phase 1b: Questionnaire response from patients and professionals to clarify issues to be addressed with interventions.
  • Phase 2: Delphi consultation methods (a series of semi structured interviews with experts), including feedback on materials and ratings of importance and usefulness of different parts of the intervention leading to consensus on the interventions.
  • Phase 3: Quantitative methods (knowledge, beliefs) among service users and clinicians to estimate the feasibility of the intervention and the protocol for a future study of change following delivery of the 'informed choice' interventions


Taking part in Phase 3 (current phase) involves:

  1. Meet with a research assistant to get an introduction to the information package website (or control) and complete a couple of questionnaires (approx. 1hr)
  2. Spend the following month using the website (or control) as much or as little as you see fit
  3. Having a brief meeting/phone call/email with a research assistant at the end of this month period to check in with how you got on


We are currently recruiting for the final phase of the project having completed Phases 1a, 1b and 2. We expect this final phase to be completed by end-March 2018.

Contact details

If you are interested in participating or would like more information please contact Katie on 0300 3040088/ 07471 218211 or

Extra info section

Please note service user participants will be reimbursed £10/hour for their participation plus any travel costs incurred. 

Please click here for service user information sheet.

Please click here for clinician information sheet.