Sports Psychology - Gaining a Competitive Edge

Tuesday 30 January 18:15 until 19:45
Jubilee Building Room G22
Speaker: Greg Daubney

Sussexsport is pleased to welcome back Sussex alumnus and chartered Sport and Exercise Psychologist Greg Daubney, for a practical workshop that will look at what mental toughness looks and feels like, combined with practical strategies on how to develop a greater competitive edge in yourself and/or your team.

You will also discover how to harness the facilitative role of performance pressure to help you consistently perform at your best.

Pressure impacts every area of a sportsperson’s competitive life, and how you handle that pressure is essential to your performance and long-term health and wellbeing. While mental toughness is a commonly used phrase by teams and athletes at all levels, it is frequently ill-defined and misunderstood.

The following two aspects will be considered within this workshop:

Attributes of mentally tough sportspeople

The workshop takes a practical and hands-on approach to helping you become familiar with what it means to be a mentally tough competitor. You will be actively involved in pinpointing those attributes within your own sport setting that will make you mentally tougher and discover effective ways of developing and strengthening those attributes.

Handling pressure in the moment

The workshop will give you a greater understanding of the role of pressure in your performance and provide you with effective, practical strategies you can develop to help you compete at your best, even under the greatest pressure. The ability to focus your mind and body in the present moment is central to peak performance and this workshop helps you do that by providing you with techniques for reaching your optimal performance state time after time. 

  • Taking place in the Jubilee Building, Room G22, from 6.15pm-7.45pm - you can guarantee your space on this free workshop by signing up now via Eventbrite.

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Last updated: Wednesday, 20 December 2017