Brighton artist transforms campus basketball courts for Sussex students

Brighton artist Lois O’Hara has turned the basketball court at Park Village into a vibrant, colourful space for students.

The Housing team have funded the transformation of the basketball court in Park Village. Photo: Shane Lower

Lois O'Hara put the final splashes of colour to the big basketball court next to the Falmer Sports Complex, thanks to funding from Sussexsport. Photo: Shane Lower.

The Housing team and Sussexsport have funded the transformation of two basketball courts on the University of Sussex campus.

Late last year, the Students’ Union asked young Brighton artist Lois O’Hara to work on a vision of turning the drab courts at Park Village and the Falmer Sports Complex into vibrant, colourful spaces for students. 

Lois had two high-profile public art installations under her belt at the time: the Colourful Crossing on Brighton seafront (commissioned by Brighton & Hove Council) and the Saunders Park basketball art court on Lewes Road.

After months of planning, this week Lois put the final splashes of colour to the big basketball court next to the Falmer Sports Complex, having first tackled the formerly drab court in Park Village.

Head of Sport Simon Tunley said: “One of Sussexsport’s core goals is to increase physical activity on campus, and we believe this can be achieved by creating colourful, unique social spaces for students to enjoy free.  

“Lois’ transformative painting has already reinvigorated the court and surrounding areas, and we know it will have a lasting impact on the student experience at Sussex.

“Many thanks to Lois, the SU and the Housing team.”

The Students’ Union said: “We were inspired by Lois’s transformation of the Saunders Park courts, and wanted the same magic on campus. The basketball courts were ideal as they were underused and in desperate need of refurbishment.” 

Becky Doran, the Students’ Union Activities Officer, added: “We are so excited that Lois was able to bright-on up our campus!

“The courts are overseen by Sussexsport and the University and we are very thankful that they were both willing to work with us to improve these spaces on campus.

“Studies have shown that young adults exercise more when they are surrounded by colour and we believe the improvement of these spaces will benefit students for years to come!”

Lois's other recent work has included a colourful Brighton bus, designed in her signature style to promote positive mental health and bring attention to the issue of loneliness.

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Posted on behalf of: Housing team, Sussexsport and Students' Union
Last updated: Monday, 20 May 2019