Department of Social Work and Social Care

Bursaries for the MA in Social Work

The Department of Health (DH) currently provides a limited number of bursaries for social work students who are not funded throughout their training by their employer. A consultation is taking place this year (2016-17) over the future of this scheme, so it may or may not continue in its current form.

We will update the information on this page as changes are announced.

Under the current scheme, bursaries cover both years of the course and are subject to eligibility, which is determined by the NHS Social Work Bursary Team. The number of bursaries provided to each course is limited and not all eligible students may receive a bursary. The responsibility for shortlisting selected students from among those eligible has been given to universities, and each university has developed its own shortlisting criteria. 

What eligibility criteria does the NHS Bursary Team apply?

This information can be found on the Social Work Bursaries page of the NHS website, along with general information about the bursary.

When are decisions made regarding nominations for bursaries?

We aim to make timely decisions on nominations so that offer holders can make informed plans about their study options. However, we are not able to confirm bursary nominations until the Department of Health has announced the allocation to our university. 

Previously this has taken place during the summer, often in June. In 2016, universities were notified in August. We will aim to advise you of nominations as soon as possible after we ourselves find out about allocation.

How do we decide who to nominate?

We currently base nomination rankings on a combination of academic record to date and performance at the selection day. This is subject to change should new national guidance be issued.

NOTE: A bursary nomination is no guarantee of a place on the course if you do not meet the conditions of your offer.

What other funding is available?

Eligible postgraduate students receive a financial contribution towards practice-placement travelling costs, whether or not they receive a bursary. Eligibility criteria and further details can be found on the Social Work Bursaries page of the NHS website.