Name: James Morgan


Project Name: A recycling receptacle for small living environments


Project Info: My project is a recycling bin for those who occupy small living spaces such as flats. The main aim is to ease the process of getting recyclable material from the home to the recycling point.

This space saving, vertically mounted bin has been engineered to expand in a controlled way as more material is fed into it. This allows users to see how much waste they are producing.

The principal component of the bin is an environmentally friendly, reusable, long lasting, water-resistant fabric bag .The design enables the bag, when full, to be removed and transported to the recycling point. It can then be easily rinsed and re-attached to the bin for repeated use.

The bin has been designed with ease of use in mind and the bag can be readily printed so that a necessary feature of modern living can also be an ornament.


Bio:  From an early age, and often to my parent’s dismay, I was compelled to try to understand how things worked. No clock, no toy, no expensively bought gadget was safe from my tinkering. The screwdriver was my constant companion.

My first project came at the age of ten when, having bought a second-hand but non-working electronic piano, I was, with a little revision, able to make a successful repair. It was the joy of overcoming challenges like this that led me to undertake firstly, a National Diploma in Mechanical Engineering, followed by a degree in product design.

Shawn Littrell once said that the design process is a ‘balance of reflecting on the past and looking towards the future’ and I think that this informs the way I approach my work and how I think before starting a new project




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