Name:  Irena Petrovic


Project name:  Design of karate hand pads for Olympics


Project info:  For this project, I will explore and design karate equipment with a focus on hand pads. This design is aimed for the Olympics 2020, which is the expected date for karate to become an Olympic sport. The idea is to completely redesign the current look of karate pads by introducing new materials of innovative structure and a new ergonomically fitted design. The product takes a step further by presenting customized gloves by using a 3D scanner or similar technical devices.


Bio: Hi, my name is Irena Petrovic and I am a creative builder interested in a variety of design areas.

I am 22 years old and I am a current Sussex University final year student.

I have been practicing karate for more than 15 years, am black belt 2nd DAN and a karate coach. As a part of the national team of Serbia I have won many national and international championships, including the Serbian national championships for seven years; European vice-champion in Sardinia, Italy 2007; and 6th place in World karate championships in Japan, Tokyo 2006. I have also been playing volleyball for my university’s first team for three years now and I have been part of the Serbian athletics team for two years. In addition to this, I enjoy playing beach volleyball, tennis, football and many different extreme sports such as snowboarding, skiing, wind surfing, rollerblading and etc. With such a background, I am interested in combining my two passions together: design and sport, while focusing on sports design in the future.


Here is some of my work.

Thanks for reading.



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