University of Sussex
Product Design Show 2012
The Amex Stadium: 06 June - 09 June
New Designers, London: 04 - 06 July
Interactive and emergency doorknob
Tao Yu

This is a doorknob design, it's an interactive and emergency doorknob.

There is a sleep light in the doorknob. The sleep light has soft light, and it’s good for people sleeping at night. Also you can choose 3 different colors light as you want. The light is fixed at the base of the doorknob.

The sleep light is an automatic light. When the sky dark going down or people turn off the light and go to bed, the light will turn on by automatically. When the sky enough light or people turn on the light in the room, the sleep light will turn off by automatically.

The handle of the doorknob is removable type, at the end of the handle, there is a high brightness light. It’s a torch. In your daily life, you can use it as normal torch. In fact, it’s not a simple torch. It is an emergency light. There is a smoke detector in the handle. For example catch fire, the emergency light will turn on and guide people the exit. After people found the door and want flee the scene, the torch also can help people flee fire scene.

In some big rooms, a single torch maybe not enough bright to let people find the door, don’t worry; there are some cats eye on the door and wall. It looks like motorway at night, when car light exposure light on motorway, drivers will easy to look the motorway. So with the help of cats eye, people will easy to find the exit in emergency in any rooms.