University of Sussex
Product Design Show 2012
The Amex Stadium: 06 June - 09 June
New Designers, London: 04 - 06 July
Easy Sushi Kit
Summun Golestanian

Making sushi is easy with Easy sushi kit

Easy sushi kit is an innovative sushi kit for families and friends to experience the joy of making sushi. Easy sushi kit contains all the essential tools and materials for preparing and making sushi. Fresh ingredients have to be purchased by the user with aid from Easy sushi guide. The aim for this product is to fulfill user’s needs and encourage making sushi. Addressing a number of eco factors such as minimize waste, increase efficiency, use of sustainable materials and encourage reusability is the ethos of this concept. Bearing in mind the benefits that healthy diets such as sushi have, many nutritionists have suggested individuals to eat sushi at least once a week, so wouldn’t it be great to be able to make sushi rolls quick, easy and clean?

Easy sushi offers innovative rice and fish cutting and shaping tools to simplify the process. Cutting template and rolling matt ease the rolling stage and considerations for serving sushi have also been made. A classic sushi tray has been implemented in the lid design that can be used for serving the sushi rolls at family meal times.