University of Sussex
Product Design Show 2012
The Amex Stadium: 06 June - 09 June
New Designers, London: 04 - 06 July
Bee Educated
Paul Nestoruk

Educational toy to teach the upcoming generation about bees.

Bee educated is an interactional education aid that teaches children in the classroom or the home environment about the importance of bees.

Designed by Paul Nestoruk, a product design student from the University of Sussex, inspiration came from the recent rise in the depletion of bee numbers. This, a topic which has been recently widely published in the media gave the premise for a product that increases the awareness of this issue to the younger generation; the generation that, with increased knowledge can help solve this global concern.

Aimed at children between the ages of 4-8 the product creates a fun and multidimensional learning base, enabling role-play, constructive play and the option for multiple numeracy and literacy games.

The product also enables social and solo play with the incorporation of audio interaction.

The estimated cost is £50, creating a cheaper alternative for schools and homes that are unable to manage real beehives.