University of Sussex
Product Design Show 2012
The Amex Stadium: 06 June - 09 June
New Designers, London: 04 - 06 July
Helix Screen
Mary Dickison
Helix is privacy screen for offices, which uses aeroponics to grow Ivy.

Helix is a privacy screen for open-plan offices, which has a discretely-integrated aeroponics system, to facilitate the growth of English Ivy (Hedera Helix) - one of the most effective plants at removing toxins from the air. The screen therefore helps reduce indoor air pollution.

Aeroponics is the process of growing plants in an air or mist environment, in the absence of growth medium, such as soil. Aeroponics uses minimal water, reduces the spread of plant diseases and increases the supply of oxygen to the roots, giving healthier plants.

The screen is retractable and manoeuvrable, allowing convenient use for all members of the office.

The inspiration for this project came about after carrying-out an industrial placement year at a company specialising in ergonomic solutions for the workplace. After this experience I became interested in the effect that an employee’s wellbeing had on their productivity. Helix aims to provide privacy and increase wellbeing through its use of plant growth.

The design uses vertical extrusions slotted together to create a flexible structure, which also houses the aeroponics system within it. Two posts are used either end of the screen to provide stability and house components.

The estimated retail price of the Helix screen is £800-£1000.