University of Sussex
Product Design Show 2012
The Amex Stadium: 06 June - 09 June
New Designers, London: 04 - 06 July
Design for the drum industry
Inigo Martin-Quirk

Drum tuner and stand lock recall system.

Having been a drummer since a young age myself I have found a number of issues that could be improved. Both the products are designed to aid the drummer with everyday tasks and help reduce the time spent setting up to allow more time playing. The first product developed was a tuning system. It consists of a small ring that fits between the drumhead and the shell. It has a number of different sensors that read the pressure. This is then displayed on a handheld device. If all the numbers are the same the drum is in tune! Each drum would have a different ring according to the size and lug layout. Only one device is needed to read the information from all the different rings.

The second is a stand memory lock that has a built in recall system allowing the stands to always be at the correct height for the drummer. This ensures quick setup and reduces the changeover times between bands in a live situation.

The products are targeted at drummers of all standards and ages and were designed to work in a number of different environments such as, studio, live and practice rooms.