University of Sussex
Product Design Show 2012
The Amex Stadium: 06 June - 09 June
New Designers, London: 04 - 06 July
Bev - beverage serving solutions
Dorota Biniecka
Stylish and functional disposable beverage serving system inspired by paper folding techniques.

Bev is a stylish disposable beverage serving system targeted at business environment as a means of improving front of house display through hospitality. It is a live brief carried out in conjunction with Mitchell & Cooper.

Philosophy behind the product stems from importance of first impression as well as people's natural instinct to draw on their bodily experiences in creating social reality. As such Bev is designed to express care for business associates and improve their experience at a visited company.

The wine box inspired portable beverage dispenser is to serve as an alternative to typical dull, unattractive and confusing means of serving beverages e.g. push-top type containers. Coffee shop purchased set is to provide quality fresh beverage at an affordable price (£12-£15 depending on beverage type). The 12 serving (96oz. capacity) set also includes origami inspired collapsible cups and saucers as well as comes with ancillaries such as cream and sugar sachets and stir sticks. The product is targeted at medium to large scale companies where the tailored solution would serve as a reflection of culture and status. Alongside structural form, graphic design is the main tool for increasing perceived value of the disposable beverage set.

Optionally, an individually packed, single serving cup set offering quality tea or instant coffee selection. As such, the set would serve as a quick, refined disposable beverage serving method for in-house preparation.

Product's main advantages include:
- Convenient all-in-one set
- Modular flat-pack design
- Quick set up, intuitive to use, safe and easy to dispose of

Style range:
- Classic - elegant and sophisticated
- Office clichés - fun and minimalist
- Custom - company tailored branding