University of Sussex Degree Show 08 - Media Practice and Theory

A Light Issue

By: Catherine Edgson


One 500W security light left on each night for a year has the same environmental impact as driving a car for 8,000 kilometres. (Source:

This project aims to explore the detrimental effect urban lighting has on our environment. The works of photographers such as Dan Holdsworth and Rut Blees Luxemburg have been particularly influential in this project. Their exploration of the balance between natural conditions and cultural imperatives has encouraged me to look at the way society impacts on the environment.

I feel this project is worthy of documentation in the current climate of concern over global warming and the state of our planet. Greenpeace have stated that 'we have a decade left before our emissions must peak.' In ten years time, will we be asking, 'who left the lights on?'

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The show will open with a bang on Thursday 15th May; this will be the first opportunity to see the culmination of three years hard work from the Media Practice and Theory finalists. There will be a drinks reception to kick start the evening, with a chance to view the fantastic photography and interactive projects on display throughout the building. Following this, screenings of this year's documentaries will take place at 5pm and 8pm. This will be the first chance to see the 2008 MPT films, and food and drink will continue to be served throughout the evening. This night promises to be an extraordinary showcase of talent from one of the most innovative courses on offer at the University of Sussex - definitely not one to be missed!

Due to limitations of space, we regret that the opening night is attendable by invitation only. However we welcome requests for invitations from anybody currently working in the media. If you are employed in a relevant field and would like to attend, please get in touch and we will try to arrange an invitation.


Chasing a Fortune

By: Lewis Rose (Director)
Lauren Tee (Producer
Pete Swinford (Camera)
Hayley Briggs (Sound)

An insight into the lives of two regular Brighton gamblers, exploring the differences between a game of luck and a game of skill.


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