University of Sussex Degree Show 08 - Media Practice and Theory


By: Rachel Randle, Matt Sharp, Aaron Penkert, Rimi Mehmetaj


Originally the story of an abused woman (Angela), the film has progressed into an honest and brave account of the pain that she has suffered and how she deals with it as seen through the eyes of her daughter. Drawing upon documentaries such as Tarnation and Frank and Cindy the film employs the use of photographs, direct camera work and readings from the book that Angela is writing about her life in order to tell her story. Motivated by a daughters need for answers, Tainted investigates the relationship between a mother and her child as they both aspire to move forward in their own way. Narrated by both mother and daughter , the film comments on the very nature of documentary form. This gives both film creator and subject the chance to reveal their motivation for making the film and in turn reveals the damage that both physical and mental abuse can do.

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The show will open with a bang on Thursday 15th May; this will be the first opportunity to see the culmination of three years hard work from the Media Practice and Theory finalists. There will be a drinks reception to kick start the evening, with a chance to view the fantastic photography and interactive projects on display throughout the building. Following this, screenings of this year's documentaries will take place at 5pm and 8pm. This will be the first chance to see the 2008 MPT films, and food and drink will continue to be served throughout the evening. This night promises to be an extraordinary showcase of talent from one of the most innovative courses on offer at the University of Sussex - definitely not one to be missed!

Due to limitations of space, we regret that the opening night is attendable by invitation only. However we welcome requests for invitations from anybody currently working in the media. If you are employed in a relevant field and would like to attend, please get in touch and we will try to arrange an invitation.


Who am I?

By: Tim Davies

A point and click adventure game that delves into the human psyche with its treatment of narrative and game play: It follows an unknown character waking up in a deserted City with Amnesia, with no recollection of his past; as the character tries to uncover who he is and find out what has happened in this deserted city, unexplainable, mysterious occurrences happen and things aren’t quite what they seem…


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