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Sussex feature in Women and Equalities Committee Brexit report

Law, Politics and Sociology academics submitted their concerns to an inquiry into ensuring equality protection after the UK leaves the EU.

The Women and Equalities Select Committee appointed by the House of Commons published its new report on ‘Ensuring strong equalities legislation after the EU exit’ on Tuesday 28 February 2017. 

Members from the School of Law, Politics and Sociology submitted a response to the inquiry highlighting a number of concerns, including in relation to gender equality, discrimination in general and research funding.

One of the report’s main recommendations suggests that: "The Government should assess the extent of research and other equality initiatives that currently receive EU funds and replace and ring-fence these funds to allow current equalities research to continue undisrupted."

The submission put forward by the academics included evidence in support of this issue which was cited on page 23 of the report, contributing to the Committee’s recognition on this point.

Dr Moira Dustin, Research Fellow in the Department of Law, said: “We were pleased to have the opportunity to contribute to the Women and Equality Committee’s inquiry.

“In our submission, we drew attention to some of the many ways the EU has supported the development of an equality framework and culture in the UK. We welcome the Committee’s recognition of the need to prevent any regression in the UK’s equality framework as a result of leaving the EU, and were particularly pleased to see our concern about EU research funding picked up as one of the report’s main recommendations.”

Dr Dustin would like to extend her thanks to everyone who helped contribute to the response: Dr Elizabeth CraigDr Carmelo DanisiProfessor Nuno FerreiraDr Nina HeldProfessor Susan MillnsProfessor Paul TaggartDr Samantha Velluti and Dr Mark Walters.

You can read the written submission here.  The full report including recommendations is available here.

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By: Rachael Marie Phelps
Last updated: Thursday, 2 March 2017