Sussex Estates and Facilities

Parking by contractors and consultants

Just like staff, students and visitors, contractors and consultants working on campus are encouraged to travel by sustainable modes of transport.


Parking for contractors, consultants and similar



Charge until



All private vehicles routinely using tarmac car parks. Staff permanently based on campus *

£2.50 per day when displaying a visitor’s scratch card


Allocated private vehicle. Contractors, quantity of permits to be approved by projects

£4.00 per day at pay and display machine when displaying a parking permit


Visiting contractors/consultants

Visitors rate of £2.50 for a maximum for 2 hours parked from pay and display machines


Short-term vans and technical vehicles attending campus for less than half day for specific task, all maintenance

Free permit


Term contractor whose vehicle is based on campus – not driven by any single individual

Free-issue long-term permit from Transport Manager




Contractors' vans and vehicles outside contractors' compounds will be under either category 1 or 3