Sussex Estates and Facilities

Car park reservations - University events

Car parks at the University can be reserved by Sussex staff for events being held on the campus. This page provides an up-to-date list of all such car park reservations, if and when these reservations are booked. These car parks will therefore be closed for general staff and student parking on the dates shown.

This list also includes dates and times when car parks will be closed for cleaning (e.g. leaf clearance) or maintenance (e.g. resurfacing).

A number of car parks on the south side of campus are also regularly used for parking by season-ticket holders for the Amex Community Stadium.  An up-to-date list of those match days and car parks in use is also available.

There are currently no car park reservations scheduled.          

How to book

To book a car-park reservation for parking of 20 or more cars for an event, email

No reservation will be accepted for fewer than 20 cars. Car parks are reserved for the full day.

P1: Science car park

P2: Innovation Centre car park (for use by Innovation Centre personnel only)

P3: Biology Road car park

P4: Sussex House car park

P5: Sports Centre car park

P7: Arts car park

P8: Park Village car park

P9: Lewes Court car park

P10: East Slope car park

Meadow - temporary car park on meadow east of Science car park

See the campus map for parking locations.