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With our alumni settled in a range of careers and options in further study, the MA in Corruption and Governance prepares you for your future, whatever your aspirations.

Our graduates have gone on to succeed in a range of careers and further study paths.

Katja Somasundaram, Research Assistant at the Institute of Business Ethics

Katja Somasundaram"I work as a Research Assistant at the Institute of Business Ethics (IBE), a non-profit organisation promoting high standards of business behaviour based on ethical values.

"During my MA, I discovered my interest in issues relating to corruption and the private sector. I am specifically interested in how business practices can become more ethical and ultimately how the private sector can become a force in tackling issues such as corruption.

"At IBE, I assist the Research Hub on a variety of projects, including advisory work and publications on a range of business ethnics topics (e.g. anti-bribery and corruption, speak up procedures and benchmarking code of ethics).

"My MA provided me not only with a solid academic knowledge base on the topic but also allowed me to explore the subject in practice during my internship at Transparency InternationalI found that both of these elements were really useful insights which I can put into practice in my day to day work at the IBE."

Michael Badham-Jones, Business Analyst at Brewin Dolphin 

SCSC alumnus Michael Badham-Jones"After graduating, I worked as a consultant for Transparency International, conducting an expert analysis on the corruption and anti-corruption landscape of Botswana, with a focus on tertiary education.

"Following that, I worked for the Liberal Democrat campaign in Cornwall, which proved to be a fantastic experience.

"Currently, I am a business analyst at Brewin Dolphin, one of the oldest wealth management firms in the City of London. My role is to ensure that clients’ portfolios are exposed to the correct level of risk and meet the high business standards set by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

"My MA knowledge on bribery, compliance, anti-money laundering, and cultures of corruption was pivotal to me getting the job."

Malambo Muzyamba, Investigations Officer at Anti-Corruption Commission Zambia

SCSC alumnus Malambo Muzyamba"The MA in Corruption and Governance was a life changing experience.

"I returned to Zambia to resume my role with the Anti-Corruption Commission Zambia as an Investigations Officer. As a result of my studies I have been given added responsibilities relating to corruption prevention and community education. I have also frequently deputized for the Regional Manager for Luapula Province here in Zambia.

"The MA has made me extremely marketable with other employers, especially in compliance roles. The MA has helped me develop tools for communicating anti-corruption messages, and the multicultural nature of the class coupled with the international nature of the course enabled me to learn problem-solving skills from an international perspective."

Felicitas Neuhaus, Fellow at the Public Sector Integrity Division at the OECD

scsc3 Felicitas Neuhaus"After graduating in 2015, I did an internship with the Corruption and Integrity Programme of the German Development Agency (GIZ).

"GIZ works with national and international partners to network, develop and test instruments and approaches to prevent and fight corruption, and also to enhance integrity within public administration. "I worked mainly on Best Practices of anti- corruption measures in development cooperation, providing anti-corruption trainings and Illicit Financial Flows.

"Currently I am doing a fellowship at the Public Sector Integrity Division at the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD).

"The division develops standards and guiding principles and advises policy makers how to adopt good practices and implement established principles and standards on integrity and anti-corruption in areas ranging from the protection of whistle-blowers, effective management of conflict of interests, human trafficking and corruption, adequate lobbying as well as political finance regulation, public procurement, and control and audit. The division also conducts country reviews in order to provide strategic proposals for governments to enhance their integrity framework. Within this framework, two of my main working areas are conflict of interest and country reviews."

David Ugulor, Executive Director of the Africa Network for Environment and Economic Justice

SCSC alumnus David Ugolor"After completing the MA on Corruption and Governance, I was hired by the African Bar Association (ABA) as the Senior Adviser on Corruption and Governance.

"This position requires me to assist the ABA in designing their policy work on corruption and governance issues across Africa. I am also designing a training manual for members to strengthen their capacity to respond to anti-corruption initiatives across the African continent. 

"I implement this new assignment in ABA alongside my existing role as the Executive Director of the Africa Network for Environment and Economic Justice (ANEEJ). 

"ANEEJ is one of the leading Nigerian NGOs working on Corruption and Governance issues.  In this role, I am coordinating the design of an innovative programme to produce the first Niger Delta Governance Index which will be eventually scaled up to a Nigeria Governance Index."

Kim Castle, Adjudicator with the Financial Ombudsman

Kim Castle"As of January 2016, I am working as an Adjudicator with the Financial Ombudsman.

"I previously worked at Barclays Bank as a Case Manager in the Pro-Active Business Review Team."

Ni Nyoman Asti Lestari Metami Asak, Expert Staff at Development of Disadvantaged Regions and Transmigration

Ni Nyoman"I work at the Indonesian Ministry of Villages, Development of Disadvantaged Regions and Transmigration (KDPDTT) as an Expert Staff for International Cooperation.

"Although Indonesia has 78,609 villages and most Indonesians live in villages, there is huge economic gap between villagers and people who living in cities.  

"Under a new presidential programme on village development, my role is to manage the cooperation with foreign donors (such as ILO, FAO, UNDP, World Bank, GIZ)."

Ben Wheatland, Incident Manager for IBM

Ben Wheatland

"I graduated from the Corruption and Governance MA in 2013, having written my thesis on match-fixing in Polish and Italian football.  

"Since graduating, I have worked with Transparency International UK on the Government Defence Anti-corruption Index, and I also spent a year in Berlin where I worked for the Transparency International Secretariat. There I worked on the Anti-Corruption Helpdesk, researching and writing about corruption in countries from Bangladesh to Ethiopia, and on topics ranging from football to public ownership.

"I also contributed significantly to TI’s research and advocacy on the issue of corruption in the football world, with a particular focus on the 2015 FIFA corruption scandals.

"Currently, I live with my wife in Wroclaw, Poland, where I work as a Major Incident Manager for IBM."

Adrian Platt, Security Manager for Brighton & Hove City Council

"I work as the Security Manager for Brighton & Hove City Council.

"Managing the security of the Council involves protecting against a variety of threats such as protests at council meetings, squatters, vandalism, terrorism and direct threats and abuse against specific staff and properties.  

"As a lot of our work is outsourced, I deal with private contractors every day and my degree has proved invaluable here. Not only has it given me a solid grounding in what is acceptable conduct for an employee within a public organisation, it has given me specialist knowledge regarding the interface between the public and private sector; whether that’s during the procurement of large six figure contracts, hiring a security guard for an afternoon, or choosing a suitable company to install a temporary CCTV. 

"Previously, I worked in the Conservative Party as a Campaign Centre Manager for the 2014 European Election and the 2015 General Election, and as a researcher for the Committee on Standards in Public Life where I consulted MPs on the merits and limitations of independent regulators in various industries."

Sam Power, Doctoral Student and Lecturer, University of Sussex

Sam Power"After completing my MA I remained at Sussex and completed an Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) funded PhD entitled ‘Party funding regimes and corruption in Western Europe: a comparative study of Great Britain and Denmark’, supervised by Professors Dan Hough and Paul Webb.  

"I have been a Visiting Researcher at the University of Copenhagen and the University of California, Irvine and am currently a Research Associate at the Sir Bernard Crick Centre for the Public Understanding of Politics, University of Sheffield. I also teach on a range of undergraduate courses at the University of Sussex.  

"Alongside my academic work I have written for a number of national and international outlets such as the New Statesman and the Washington Post and have provided expert commentary on corruption issues online, in print, on radio and television. My first monograph, co-authored with Dr. Elizabeth Dávid-Barrett, Influencing Politics: Lobbying, Power and Corruption is forthcoming with Palgrave." 

Pamela Wadi, Director of the Africa team at FTI Consulting

Pamela Wadi"I am director of the Africa team at FTI Consulting in London.

"I am responsible for advising major international clients on the risks associated with my topics of specialisation, including assessments of corruption and integrity risks for various mining, oil and gas, financial services and telecommunications clients investing in sub-Saharan Africa."

Alice Romano, PhD student

Alice Romano"After graduating I opted to stay in academia.

"I am subsequently now doing a PhD at the University of Reading, researching the ideological variation on the left-right spectrum of populist parties' voters in Southern Europe."

Francisco Valenzuela, Risk Management Associate

Francisco Valenzuela"I am originally from Mexico and currently living in the UK, where I work for one of the big four, EY, as a Risk Management Associate.

"I am developing my career in Compliance within the financial services. I have a strong expertise related to Anti-Money Laundering, Data Protection and Independence."

Michalis Giannis, Compliance Trainee for GlaxoSmithKline

"I am working for the GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) consumer healthcare Greece as a compliance trainee.

"I have just finished a long project with exciting research that was presented to all my colleagues here in Greece. Amazing practitioner experience. Really, but really, exciting stuff which sometimes it’s hard to believe is happening! 

"I recommend the MA because:

1) That was one of the main reasons I got the job;

2) I knew everything about FCPA and UK Bribery Act;

3) It really helps knowing all the different discourses in order to advance now in day to day work."

Shi Wei, Associate Consultant, Control Risks

Shi Wei

"I graduated from MA Corruption and Governance in 2014 and am currently working at Control Risks Group in the London office as a consultant, primarily engage in business intelligence and compliance due diligence assignment for private sector clients in the Western European jurisdictions. I previously specialised in similar assignments in the North East Asian regions including China, Korea, Japan and Mongolia'."


Inaki Ardigo, Project Coordinator for Poder Cuidadano

Inaki Ardigo"The MA in Corruption and Governance was a strong catalyst for my career.

"After graduating, I did an Internship with the Anti-Corruption Helpdesk within Transparency International’s Secretariat. I was in charge of investigating and delivering brief and accurate reports on different topics ranging from Freedom of Information legislation to country-specific corruption profiles on Lesotho.

"Currently, I am working as a Project Coordinator for Poder Ciudadano, the Argentine chapter of Transparency International. I coordinate a project that aims to increase the institutional capacities of civil society organisations in the north of the country, working with local governments and national experts to increase civil society organisations' (CSO) participation in public policy. Apart from this project, I investigate topics on anticorruption and transparency to inform the organisation’s initiatives."

Jean Jesudason, Legal Officer at the Attorney General's Chambers of Malaysia

Jean Jesudason"After a fantastic and inspiring time at Sussex, I came home and continued my services at the Attorney General's Chambers of Malaysia.

"I am currently attached to the Ministry of International Trade and Industry, as a legal officer and specifically deal with trade remedy matters.

"My Master's degree in Corruption and Governance, especially my thesis on corruption in global business has prepared me for my current designation. I am also grateful for the international exposure that the university provided throughout the course."ersity provided throughout the course.

Mohammad Hossain, Junior Researcher

Mohammad HusseinMohammed Hossain graduated from the 2015-16 cohort of MA students and moved straight in to a PhD programme at the Centre for Development Research (ZEF) under the Universität Bonn, Germany, funded by DAAD.

He is doing his research on climate change governance in Bangladesh.

Hossain previously worked for Transparency International Bangladesh as Deputy Programme Manager – Research and Policy.

Daniel Galindo Cruz, Chief Consultant at LM, Mexico

Daniel Galindo CruzDan is Chief Consultant at LM in Monterrey, Mexico, a new consultancy firm that he setup with partners interested in anti-corruption, regulatory policy, compliance, open government, open data and transparency.

He has previously been the Legal Counsel of the Leader of the National Action Party Legislative Caucus in Nuevo León and Head of the Regulatory Policy Unit of the City of San Pedro Garza García, the wealthiest municipality in Latin America.

He also advises a wide array of Municipalities and Government Entities on Open Government and Data.

In addition, Dan is a Social Studies Lecturer at ITESM High School on Introduction to Law, Regional Studies, and Model UN.

Jack Williams, Compliance Associate, Thistle Initatives

Jack Williams Photo"Following my MA, I was hired as a Compliance Associate for Thistle Initiatives, a regulatory consultancy firm specializing in financial services compliance.

"I work within the company's growing financial crime team, where I help clients assess regulatory risks within their business and offer solutions to mitigate risk and comply with regulations."

Lisa Kilduff, OECD Consultant

Lisa Kilduff"During the MA in Corruption and Governance, I started an internship in the Public Sector Integrity Division at the OECD.The MA provided me with the relevant knowledge and perspectives to work on anti-corruption and integrity-related issues within the Division.

"I have since been hired as a consultant at the OECD, working in a team that focuses on audit and risk management and other accountability mechanisms in the public sector.

"I have worked on projects in Brazil, Tunisia, Morocco and Thailand covering a range of issues, the most recent being a project to mitigate corruption risks in cross-border trade. I am currently working on a project with the Slovak Government to improve fraud risk management in EU-funded projects. 

"The MA was not only invaluable for providing me with the necessary knowledge in the field of anti-corruption, but also for launching my career."

Gabriela Aguirre, Federal Mexican Government

The MA in corruption and governance was an amazing experience for me.Gabriela Aguirre

I received excellent theoretical and empirical tools to analysing corruption. I am particularly interested in political corruption within developing countries so I am planning to deeply study it by pursuing a PhD. I am currently working at the Federal Mexican Government preparing accountability reports for the Ministry of Social Development.