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Can scientists predict the future? How will quantum computing change our lives?

19 October 2017

Winfried Hensinger, Professor of Quantum Technologies and Head of the Ion Quantum Technology Group at Sussex, has co-authored a popular science...

Book your free ticket: British Science Festival 2017

24 August 2017

Leading scientists are in Brighton from 5-9 September for the British Science Festival, with experts from the University of Sussex playing a key role.

University of Sussex brings quantum physics to London’s Spitalfields Market

14 July 2017

Members of the public have been learning about quantum physics this week at an innovative pop-up lab at London’s Spitalfields Market.

Sussex launches first Helena Normanton International Postdoctoral Fellowships

2 March 2017

Two new, fully funded, two-year Fellowships aim to bring the most promising researchers to Sussex.

Want to help construct a quantum computer?

13 December 2016

Want to help construct a quantum computer demonstrator device, operate a small-scale quantum computer, implement quantum simulations towards quantum...

People said this was impossible. I thought, I’ll show you

25 November 2016

Professor Winfried Hensinger, head of Sussex's Ion Quantum Technology Group, is on the threshold of developing the world’s first quantum computer.

Construction of practical quantum computers radically simplified

25 November 2016

Scientists at Sussex have invented a new method that puts the construction of large-scale quantum computers within reach of current technology.

Spotlight on Dr Sebastian Weidt

11 November 2016

"We want to achieve building a quantum computer to fill the gaps where no classical computer in the world could help you."

Sussex academic gives prestigious lecture at the US Department of Energy explaining quantum computing

5 October 2016

Prof. Winfried Hensinger, Director of the Sussex Centre for Quantum Technologies and Head of Sussex Ion Quantum Technology Group was invited to...

Quantum physicist wins three-minute PhD contest

9 June 2016

A student working in the baffling field of quantum computing has won a University-wide competition for explaining her PhD in just three minutes.

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