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Sussex scientists one step closer to clock that could replace GPS and Galileo

11 March 2019

Physicists in the EPic Lab at University of Sussex make crucial development in global race to develop a portable atomic clock

Quantum computing is today’s Space Programme, Sussex professor tells parliamentary inquiry

13 December 2018

The University of Sussex has given evidence to a parliamentary inquiry about the importance of investing in the emerging quantum technologies industry

Sussex breakthrough prepares quantum computers to leave the lab

1 November 2018

Scientists at the University of Sussex have ‘tamed’ some disruptive environmental effects on quantum computers.

Sussex team wins place in Europe’s bid to win global quantum race

29 October 2018

University of Sussex’s Ion Quantum Technology Group wins place on the European Quantum Technology Flagship initiative

University wins national awards for recruitment and public engagement work

19 July 2018

The University of Sussex won both gold and silver at the national HEIST Awards for education marketing in Manchester on Thursday 12 July.

Sussex quantum physicist gives evidence to MPs on future of technology

18 July 2018

A University of Sussex quantum physicist has given evidence to MPs about how quantum technologies have the potential to transform our world.

NASA to test Sussex physicist’s atomic bubble trap theory in space

19 June 2018

Professor Barry Garraway's 18-year-old theory about cooled atoms will be put to the test on the International Space Station.

Sussex physicist advises German Parliament on quantum computing

8 June 2018

Prof Winfried Hensinger suggested more bilateral cooperation between Germany and England to accelerate the development of practical quantum computers.

Physicists explore a safe alternative to x-ray security scanners

9 April 2018

Sussex researchers are at the forefront of harnessing the magical properties of terahertz radiation.

University of Sussex scientists present mysteries of quantum computing at Science Museum

7 February 2018

University of Sussex physicists curate the Science Museum's 'Could quantum computers change the world?' exhibition.

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