What we do

Learn about the Spirit of Sussex team's areas of work and how to get involved.

The Spirit of Sussex Award team aims to create meaningful networks and celebrate students' accomplishments through:

  • Events and workshops

  • Social media campaigns

  • Championing awardee holders

  • Collaborating with internal stakeholders. 


The Spirit of Sussex Award Connectors collaborate across the University to raise the profile of the award by running a range of events throughout the year. These events are crucial to maintaining the award community, encouraging student participation and creating a meaningful sense of belonging.

Our events are always student-led, and the Spirit of Sussex Award Connectors collaborate with multiple teams throughout the University and Student’s Union to deliver, support, or simply promote point-scoring events. The team have worked on many exciting events including:

  • Hot Tea & Hot Topics
  • Meet our Entrepreneurs and Make your Mark
  • Graduate Mentoring Scheme
  • Meet the Alumni
  • Instagram Live with Residential Life

The highlight event was the Spirit of Sussex Mixer which took place on the 29th September 2021. It was an opportunity for students to meet the Spirit of Sussex Award team and talk to awardee holders. 

christy sosa mixerChristy Bishay, Gold Awardee



sosa mixerSoSA mixer
Marketing and Communication 

We have a fantastic team of SoSA connectors who create a communications plan, develop content and raise awareness of University and Student Union activities and events. Our communications team engage with students via the channels most suited to them.

Our Instagram page is currently our most developed platform, where we post several times a week during term-time. Posts range from award highlights, updates on the award, to society and student highlights or even opportunities to get involved in competitions! We seek to provide students with the most up to date information on the award, whilst seeking to network and create strong connections with other digital gurus, fostering an engaged community at Sussex. 

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Ratification, Graduation and Champions Network


As our students come to the end of their degree and closer to graduation, the Spirit of Sussex Award team begins ratification for final-year students. This means ensuring evidence provided for the award is accurate and allowing students time to rectify any errors made along the way. 

The ratification process is conducted by a combination of staff and student connectors, with a random sample evaluated and then reviewed by our Spirit of Sussex Award Panel.  If you would like to see our ratification terms and conditions, click here


Once award levels have been agreed by our Panel, we enter a resubmission phase where students can amend their award based on the panel outcome. Once these have all been processed, we distribute award certificates and celebrate their awards and achievements at Graduation! 

Champions Network

Once students have graduated, they also have an opportunity to join our newly launched Champions Network, a community of award-holders who will mentor, inspire and offer peer-to-peer support to current students working towards their Spirit of Sussex Award. Champions will share their experiences, signpost external opportunities and activities to log and give back to the Sussex Community by helping the next wave of awardees establish themselves and grow.

Champions will have access to a group via the alumni platform, Sussex Connect where they will also have access to additional opportunities, such as the new Graduate Mentoring Scheme launched by the Careers and Employability Centre.

Award Platform Enhancement 

Our award platform is maintained by the Spirit of Sussex Award team, in a variety of ways. We consistently develop and maximise the user experience on our custom platform, ensuring students can easily log points and reflect on their engagement.  This includes maintaining and developing our: custom webpages, live chat function, appointment booking system, event pages. During the bi-annual ratification, we also create a log of any major development work that needs to be performed outside of term-time.

We deliver regular student-led focus groups, surveys and live testing sessions which help us collate feedback on the award platform so we can continue to improve the platform for students.

The Spirit of Sussex Award Manager regularly collates reports on award activity, engagement statistics. If you have a specific report enquiry, please contact Rebecca.Hart@sussex.ac.uk

Internal Collaboration

Internal collaboration is integral to the success of the Spirit of Sussex Award. We collaborate with multiple teams, departments and Schools across the University and the Students' Union to promote the award, support with events and activities and in recognising lots of exciting extra-curricular and voluntary achievements.

Examples of our cross-collaboration include:

  • Badging CareersHub events as 5 points in recognition of participation in career-readiness activities
  • Presenting at Student Union inductions to encourage new staff and committee members to be advocates of the award
  • Recognising shortlisted students with 5 points for participating in the Pitch for Planet competition
  • Encouraging students to log points for interview experience during selection events, and then if successful, logging their Connector role
  • Establishing a pilot Graduate Mentor Scheme with the Careers and Employability Centre and promoting this within our Champions Network

Find out how to get involved with the Spirit of Sussex Award team here