Impact, Awards & Achievements

Across the University, the work of Connectors and the act of co-creation initiates positive change whilst creating a more connected community at Sussex.

Learn more about the impact the Connector Programme has on student experience and the relationship building with university staff.

Impact Report

In our first impact report, you will learn more about the experiences and achievements of the Connectors – from developing new course modules to designing entrepreneurship support to building a sense of belonging during lockdown – and how the Connector Programme as a whole is supporting Sussex to foster an inclusive community. The impact report will both evaluate and display the many successes and strengths of the Connector Programme in a clear, readily accessible way. 

Connector Programme Impact Report 2021 [PDF 2.97MB]

Awards and Achievements

1. The Association of Graduate Careers Advisory Services (AGCAS)

The Placement Connector Team 2020/21 led by Claire Colburn & Jasmin Tse won The Association of Graduate Careers Advisory Services (AGCAS) Supporting Student / Graduate Employability Award 2021 at the AGCAS Awards for Excellence Showcase.

They showed effective development and implementation of an initiative with the ultimate aim of improving student/graduate outcomes. Fourteen students were employed as Placement Connectors and they worked through the entire academic year, creating high-quality, high-impact and stable student jobs. The main aim - to help placement searchers in their departments to acquire placement years.

One of the AGCAS Final Judging Panel said:

"The impact of this outstanding project is strong, with impressive evidence of student's voice. The project's goals are clearly aligned with what is important to students. Placements can be quite anxiety-provoking for students, and Student Connectors are a brilliant idea."

Student and Staff Connectors holding Connector awardThe Placement Connector Team 2020/21 holding The Association of Graduate Careers Advisory Services (AGCAS) Supporting Student / Graduate Employability Award 2021


2. The Sussex Education Awards 2021, Learning Together award

The Sussex Education Awards celebrates outstanding care and compassion towards students.

The Learning Together awards for staff and students who have worked closely together, collaborating on the teaching experience.

In 2021, the University of Sussex Business School Assessment Connector Team won the Learning Together award, for their project which enabled the co-production of refreshed assessment criteria for the School. This was a true staff-student partnership, which sought to drive change in practice within the School. 

How inclusive and accessible is the Connector Programme?

Since the programme began, 231 Connectors have worked over 23’500 hours on more than 30 different projects.

Our aim as a programme is to over-represent students from under-represented groups in our Connector community: 

  • 47% of the Student Connector cohort identifies as BAME, compared to 35% of the wider student population at Sussex
  • 24% of the Student Connector cohort have declared a disability, compared to 21% of the wider student population at Sussex

Our Connector community includes: 

  • 80 students who are the first in their families to attend university
  • 44 mature students
  • 11 students who are or who have been carers
  • 7 students from military families

At the end of their work on the programme:

  • 100% of Connectors felt like they had developed positive and productive relationships with members of staff
  • 93% of Connectors felt the programme gave them the opportunity to work with people from a variety of backgrounds
  • 97% of Connectors felt like a part of a friendly and respectful community when working on their projects