University Operations and Strategic Planning

Director: Kay Jones


Provides a range of strategy, planning and data analytical/reporting functions (incl. the assurance of our statutory returns) to support the effective running of the University.

Phone: 01273 672795


Schools Professional Services Team

Leadership and direction of all school-based Professional Services staff (with the exception of Technical Services) in support of the University’s academic endeavours

Marc Williams, Head of Professional Services (Physics and Astronomy, Engineering and Design)

Merill Jones, Head of Professional Services (University of Sussex Business School)

Pippa Robinson, Head of Professional Service (Law, Politics and Sociology, Education and Social Work, Global Studies)

Jacqui Guillemard, Head of Professional Service (Media, Arts and Humanities).

Change and Continuous Improvement

Supports the delivery of projects, programmes and day-to-day operations across the organisation, to ensure our University achieves its strategic objectives for 2025.

Phone: 01273 678772