IT Services

Director: Jason Oliver

The IT Service Desk team are the front line team in Shawcross that support walk-in, phone and email enquiries.
General: 01273 678090
General Teaching Space (GTS) support: 01273 678022
Business Relations

The Business Relations team's focus is to understand – to listen to, and capture, the needs of the University, ensuring the right skills are in place to function effectively and prioritise works to enable progression.

Contact: Katie Damen, Assistant Director, Business Relations


Strategy & Architecture

The Strategy & Architecture team's focus is to design and protect - to assist with, approve and feedback on design whilst monitoring, advising and educating the wider organisation about how to function safely and compliantly in a digital environment

Contact: Peter Collier, Assistant Director, Strategy and Architecture


Project Portfolio Office

The Project Portfolio Office has a focus on change and delivery – to take forward the demands of the organisation and deliver effective projects that transform our effectiveness

Contact: Julie Hamilton, Assistant Director, IT Project Portfolio


Visit  IT Services Project Management Office for more information.

Operations & Research

The Operations & Research team has a focus to serve – to take care of our customers and ensure that they have the tools available to them to work at maximum capability.

Contact: Clare Gryce, Deputy Director, IT Operations and Research