Director: Allan Spencer

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Finance Service Desk  

Supports University staff with finance enquiries, finance systems support and finance training needs.

Phone: 01273 877172


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Manage University insurance services  including  travel insurance. 

Phone: 01273 877172


Finance Systems 

Oversee all finance systems. 

Phone: 01273 877172


Management Accounting 

Prepare financial reporting and decision support for schools and professional services. 

Phone: 01273 877172


Accounts Payable 

Manage payments to suppliers and reimbursement of out of pocket expense claims.

Phone: 01273 877172


Procurement & Commercial Services

Support staff in high value purchasing and contract management. Develop policy and practice to make purchasing activity easier for all staff and work with suppliers to get best value for money.

Phone: 01273 877172 (Named contacts provided directly to ULT  and senior staff by Phil Neale xtn 7136)

Email: (Named contacts provided directly to ULT  and senior staff by Phil Neale

Finance Business Partners

Provide decision support and advice to senior budget holders to help them achieve their objectives and meet their financial responsibilities. 

Phone:  Named contacts provided directly to ULT  and senior staff by Steve Law xtn 3645

Email: Named contacts provided directly to ULT and senior staff by Steve Law

Corporate Accounting

Prepare University level financial reporting and papers, advise on capital planning, tax and other technical issues    

Phone: Simon Upstone xtn 3369


Billing & Income

Administer student-related and commercial income, oversee cash transactions including petty cash.   

Phone: Dawn Buck xtn 8004