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Ph.D. Studentship

University of Sussex

Peer involvement is an increasingly common feature of recovery-oriented systems of care for substance misuse, but it is unclear when and how peer involvement is optimally effective in interventions for behavioural addictions such as gambling. The intended project will draw on social identity and network theories to address these questions in one or more high-risk youth populations. We will apply mixed methods, including participatory co-design and theory of change approaches, with the goal to develop and pilot an accessible, engaging and socially valid peer-delivered intervention for emerging behavioural addictions. As well as having the potential to reduce addictive behaviours and mitigate wider harms in the target population, the project aims to develop innovative methodologies that combine insights from social neuroscience with applied social and clinical psychology.

To discuss the details of this Ph.D. project further, please do not hesitate to contact Dr Daniel Michelson or Dr Bryan Singer via email.