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COGS highlighted in prestigious Times Higher Education Leadership and Management Award to Sussex

The Centre for Cognitive Science (COGS) has been recognised for its "forward-thinking interdisciplinary approach" by judges of the THEDataPoints Merit Award trophy at this year’s THELeadership and Management Awards.

THE’s DataPoints team said they wanted to reward a global institution tackling relevant issues from a variety of angles, and have awarded the University of Sussex the 2017 THE DataPoints Merit Award for its long and prolific history of interdisciplinary research.

Of the many research groups at Sussex, the judges highlighted two which they say exemplify a forward-thinking interdisciplinary approach: the Centre for Cognitive Science (COGS), and the Science Policy Research Unit (SPRU).

Concerning the Centre for Cognitive Science, THE’s DataPoints team said:

“COGS, founded by cognitive scientist and philosopher Professor Margaret Boden, is another example of interdisciplinary research in a field that is becoming more relevant every year. Under the broad umbrella of cognitive sciences are gathered researchers in artificial intelligence, neuroscience, psychology, linguistics and philosophy, tackling the central issue of the nature of the mind and thought.”

The day after news of the award broke, Alex Fulton, Head of Communications for Sussex, said:

"Our win was in the only category at the awards for which universities were not able to submit a nomination – we were shortlisted and chosen by a panel of judges.  The news last night clarified that the work of COGS played a very significant part in the win."

Dr. Ron Chrisley, who has been Director of COGS since 2003, was pleased to receive news of the award:

"It is very satisfying for all the Cognitive Science researchers at Sussex, who span several Schools and more Departments, to receive this collective recognition of our internationally-recognised work in furthering our scientific understanding of the mind.  This will surely inspire us in our future explorations of the illuminating intersections between psychology, linguistics, artificial intelligence and robotics, philosophy, and neuroscience."

University of Sussex Vice-Chancellor Adam Tickell commented:

“It’s absolutely terrific to see the University of Sussex win such a prestigious award.  Recognition must be given to everyone at two of Sussex’s research groups the Science Policy Research Unit and the Centre for Cognitive Science, who have been singled out by the judging team.  Congratulations to everyone at Sussex who works so hard to build our reputation in the UK and around the world, which no doubt contributed to this prestigious accolade.”

The THELMAs, now in their ninth year, recognise outstanding work across the professional services and administration of the UK’s world-leading higher education institutions.  This year, THE’s DataPoints team focused on an assessment of global indicators, looking at international recognition and collaboration. The shortlist was made up of universities displaying a high percentage of international collaboration across all their published research as well as consistently high scores in THE’s Academic Reputation Survey. The team looked at the geographical diversity of the votes, meaning that universities with votes coming from an array of countries were selected.

THE editor John Gill said:

“Once again we've seen examples of exceptional performance in the most important areas of university leadership, management and administration. At a time of ever greater competition in higher education, our hope is that by shining a light on these winners, institutions will learn from one another to improve the quality of what they do across the board.  Anyone working in a UK university will know how dedicated and resourceful their colleagues are, but it’s our great honour to be able to showcase these examples from across the country.”

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By: Ronald Chrisley
Last updated: Friday, 23 June 2017