School of Psychology

Cognitive Psychology (C8551)

Cognitive Psychology

Module C8551

Module details for 2012/13.

15 credits

FHEQ Level 5

Module Outline

The module will comprise 23 one-hour lectures, 2 two-hour practicals and two one-hour seminars (linked to the practicals). The lectures will provide a broad coverage of Cognitive Psychology topics, from basic perception to thinking. Lectures will include material on individual differences where appropriate.

Sensory systems and visual perception:
1. Introduction to the sensory systems
2. Vision: retinal and cortical processing
3. Colour perception

Sound & speech perception:
4. Sound production and perception
5. Speech production and perception
6. Categorical perception of speech sounds
7. Evolution of speech & language

8. Word meaning and concepts
9. Word reading and dyslexia
10. Text comprehension
11. Language and thought

12. Attention: What is it and how can we study it?
13. Early versus late selection and Load Theory
14. Attentional capture
15. Attention and Cognitive Control

16. Short term and working memory
17. Encoding in Long term memory
18. Forgetting and Retrieval
19. Implicit Memory

20. Two Thinking Systems; Judgement
21. Judgement (cont)
22. Decision Making
23. Decision Making (cont); Other Approaches

Practical 1: Categorical Perception of speech sounds.
Practical 2: Reading experiment

Module learning outcomes

Describe and evaluate core research in those aspects of cognitive psychology covered by the course.

Critically evaluate and report empirical research in cognitive psychology.

Describe and evaluate the role of individual differences in at least one area of cognitive psychology.

Coursework components. Weighted as shown below.
Practical ReportT1 Week 12 67.00%
Practical ReportT1 Week 7 33.00%
Unseen ExaminationSemester 1 Assessment70.00%

Submission deadlines may vary for different types of assignment/groups of students.


Coursework components (if listed) total 100% of the overall coursework weighting value.

TermMethodDurationWeek pattern
Autumn SemesterLecture1 hour222222222222
Autumn SemesterPractical2 hours001000100000
Autumn SemesterSeminar1 hour000010001000

How to read the week pattern

The numbers indicate the weeks of the term and how many events take place each week.

Dr Jenny Bosten

Assess convenor

Prof David Reby

Assess convenor, Convenor

Prof Alan Garnham

Assess convenor

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