Teresa's research interests span land law, ecclesiastical law and legal history. Her postgraduate study was on the legal history of the deodand in the context of the development of accident compensation. Subsequent interests have included aspects of ecclesiastical law (particularly modern sanctuary) and property law (land use, freehold covenants and mortgage repossession). 

Teresa is currently working on a project on the history and role of advowsons in ecclesiastical property law in England.

She has recently finished working on a contribution to the Women's Legal Landmarks Project led by Professor Rosemary Auchmuty (Reading University) and Professor Erika Rackley (Birmingham University). The Women's Legal Landmarks Project is a 'collaborative and innovative reflection on, and celebration of, women's progress in and engagement with law and law reform.' It brings together feminist lawyers, historians, activists and legal practitioners seeking to identify key legal landmarks for women. The Project website can be found here:; details of the forthcoming Project book can be found here:

Teresa is willing to supervise doctoral researchers in land law and legal history.