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Tish Marrable
Senior Lecturer in Social Work and Social Care (Social Work and Social Care)
T: +44 (0)1273 678310


My current research interests centre around work with death and dying. Two key areas here are spiritual support for the 'good death' through contemporary shamanic practices, and the practices of care workers in health and social care in discussing death and dying with autistic adults. In both these explorations of practice the focus is on emotional support for workers and those receiving services. I am interested in the ways people do research and the ways that research is used by practitioners, and I work with practitioners from social work and other community based services to support their own research.

My doctoral research, funded by the ESRC, was a symbolic interactionist study exploring the ways in which children and young people become identified and defined as having the need for extra help within Children's Services, the emotional content in this, and the ramifications for service provision. As a researcher, my methodological approach follows the needs of the project, including grounded theory, critical realist evaluation, mixed methods projects using online surveys and quantitative approaches. I am interested in narrative, and the ways our own stories interact with those of research participants. 

Recent Research Projects

  • 2015-16  Social Care Institute for Excellence/Department of Health:  Autism Guidance Update  
  • 2012-13  Office of the Children’s Commissioner: Inquiry into School Exclusions – Inequalities in Rates of Exclusion
  • 2011-12  Social Care Institute for Excellence: Practice enquiry into supervision in a variety of adult care settings where there are health and social care practitioners working together
  • 2010-12 Social Care Institute for Excellence: Social Work Law learning in action
  • 2010    The College of Social Work: Carers’ consultation for the College of Social Work
  • 2009-11 Social Care Institute for Excellence & Department of Health: Practice enquiry: Access to Social Care for Adults with Autistic Spectrum Conditions
  • 2007    Social Care Institute for Excellence: Systematic Review - The social care needs of children with complex health care needs.

Selected Publications

Marrable, T.; Coomber, C.; Ross.; P. (2017) Autism: Improving access to social care for adults. London: SCIE 

Marrable, T. & Lambley, S. (2016) ‘Exploring service user involvement in adult health and social care supervision’. In: Bostock, L (ed.) Interprofessional staff supervision in adult health and social care services. Learning from success. Pavilion Publishing and Media Ltd., Hove, pp. 43-48.

Gazeley, L.; Marrable, T.; Brown, C.; Boddy, J. (2015) Rates of school exclusion and inequalities in English schools: ‘the tip of the ice-berg.’ British Journal of Education Studies, 63 (4). pp. 487-504.

Marrable, T. (2014) Emotion in responses to the child with ‘additional needs’. Child & Family Social Work. 19(4) pp 401–410

Braye, S.; Marrable, T.; Preston-Shoot, M. (2014) Building Collaborative Capacity for Using and Evaluating the Impact of E-learning in Social Work Education: The Case of Law. Social Work Education: the International Journal. 33(6) pp 835-853

Gazeley, L.; Marrable, T.; Brown, C.; Boddy, J. (2013): Reducing inequalities in school exclusion: Learning from good practice. London: Office of the Children’s Commissioner.

Lambley, S. & Marrable, T. (2013):Practice enquiry into supervision in a variety of adult care settings where there are health and social care practitioners working together. London: SCIE

Marrable, T. (2011): On needing ‘need’: an exploration of the construction of the ‘child with additional needs’. Doctoral Thesis: University of Sussex.

Taylor, I. & Marrable, T. (2011) Practice Enquiry: ‘Access to social care for adults with Autistic Spectrum Conditions’. London: SCIE

Braye, S., Preston-Shoot, M. & Marrable, T. (2011) ‘Law Learning in Action: An Action Learning Project to Evaluate Processes and Outcomes of Using Law E-Learning Objects in Social Work Education’ London: SCIE


Recent Conference Presentations 

2017 'Supporting spiritual wellbeing in death and dying: the shamanic psychopomp as an alternative approach'  CIRW Summer Symposium, Sussex.

2017  'The ‘caring school’ as a vehicle for reducing school exclusions amongst young people in most need of care' ACRE conference. Ormskirk

2017  ‘Effective Evaluation’. Safer West Sussex Partnership Conference. Arundel

2016     'Effecting meaningful supervision through service user involvement'.  Enhancing effective supervision across health and adults' social care conference. London.

2014     ‘Supervision and the role of service users: findings from a practice enquiry’. Supervising to Safeguard Conference. London.

2014    ‘Challenging the ‘myth of vulnerability’: Insider perspectives and implications for practice within experience near research on sudden, unexpected child death’.  European Research Institute for Social Work (Hatfield)

2014  ‘Engaging users of services in social work supervision research: lessons from England and Northern Ireland’ 3rd International Conference on Practice Research (New York, USA)

2014  ‘Supervision and the role of service users: findings from a practice enquiry’ 10th International Interdisciplinary Conference on Clinical Supervision (Garden City NJ, USA)

2014  ‘Moving the fences: the complexities of Service User participation in Supervision Research’ European Conference for Social Work Research (Bolzano, Italy)

2013   ‘Reducing inequalities in rates of school exclusion: issues for policy and practice’ British Educational Research Association Conference. Brighton.

2013   ‘Emotion in responses to the child with additional needs’. University of Gothenburg, Sweden .

2012   ‘‘Invisible disability’ – autistic spectrum conditions and the struggle to be seen’. BSA Medical Sociology. Leicester

2012 ‘Reaching out while sitting still: gathering rich data in social work using online surveys’ European Conference for Social Work Research. Basel, Switzerland.

2011 ‘Tensions, turmoil, and connections: conducting social work research through a lens of symbolic interactionism’ European Conference for Social Work Research, Oxford  

2011 ‘Engaging people with communication difficulties in social care research: learning from researching adults with Autistic Spectrum Conditions’ (with Professor Imogen Taylor) European Conference for Social Work Research, Oxford  

2010   ‘Autism and the personalization agenda’ Community Care Conference on Autism, London

2010  ‘Expressions of vulnerability and need? Exploring the construction of the ‘difficult’ child.’  British Sociological Association Conference,  Glasgow