Photo of John Drury

John Drury
Professor of Social Psychology (Psychology)
Director of Research and Knowledge Exchange
T: +44 (0)1273 872514


The core of my research interests is crowd psychology, specifically: (1) collective action participation as a source of psychological transformation (including politicisation, empowerment and wellbeing); (2) collective resilience in mass emergencies and disasters; (3) cognitive, behavioural and emotional reactions to situations of crowding; (4) the problem of spontaneous coordination (from pedestrian flow to social movements); and (5) the practical and political implications of pathologizing (versus liberatory) discursive constructions of crowds.

For details of recent grants and research projects, see my research pages:

I currently supervise the following PhD students: Patricio Saavedra, Selin Tekin Guven, Susie Ballentyne, Carina Hoerst, Louise Davidson, and Isabelle Felsner (NTU).

Recent publications can be found here: Crowds and Identities.