Dr Clarke has taught courses on Modern and Contemporary art, methodology, as well as interdisciplinary courses.
Dr Clarke teaches the following undergraduate courses:
First Year: Stories of Art
Objects of Art

Second Year: Victorian Art

Final Year: Origins of Modernism
Representing Women

Dr Clarke also teaches postgraduate courses, including 'Objects and Methods' the core MA course. Dr Clarke has supervised MA dissertations on nineteenth-century art in Britain, France and North America, contemporary art (new media, post-colonial and gender theory) and museum studies.

Dr Clarke has supervised the following DPhil students:

Dr T. Anderson, 'The Crown and the Jewel: Images of Royalty and Viceroyalty in the Making of Imperial India and Britain, AHRC Funded Doctorate, awarded 2006
C. Dixon, 'Laura Alma Tadema', awarded 2007.
C. Johnson, 'Images of Pre-Raphaelites in the media, 1930-1997', awarded 2008.
C. Wintle, 'Objects of Evidence: Issues of Colonial Collecting in Sussex 1870-1930,' AHRC Collaborative Doctorate, awarded 2010.

D. Clarke, 'Creating the Artefact: Photography, Partnership and Identity at Charleston', AHRC Collaborative Doctorate, awarded 2014.

E. Elgibreen, 'Image making: representations of women in the art and career of Safeya Binzagr from 1968 to 2000', KSA MHE funded, awarded 2015.

C. Field, 'Creating the Artefact: Photography, Partnership and Identity at Charleston', AHRC Collaborative Doctorate, awarded 2015.

Dr Clarke supervises the following DPhil students:

E. Heath, ' The early National Portrait Gallery and Sir George Scharf: creating an intellectual and professional artistic world, 1770-1909', AHRC Collaborative Doctorate.

E. Doubt, ‘“A Humanizing Eye”: Jennie Ross Cobb and the road to visual sovereignty in Native North American self-portraiture’, AHRC funded.

H. Jordan, ‘Performing Privacy: Theatricality and Domesticity in Victorian Visual Culture, AHRC funded.

A. Loske, 'The Decorative Scheme of the Royal Pavilion', AHRC Collaborative Doctorate, submitted 2014.

E. Singhalampong, 'Westernised Art in late 19th and early 20th Century Thailand: Monarchy, Identity and Memory-making', TOEA funded.

A. Stutchbury, 'At Home' in Standen: a study of the Beale family's lived experience of their late-nineteenth century Arts and Crafts home', AHRC Collaborative Doctorate.

P. Streeter, 'Jewellery of Loyalty, Love and Loss: The sweetheart brooch in Britain'.