My interests are in Observational Cosmology. I study the evolution of galaxies and also their large-scale distribution. Primarily I work with galaxies selected on the basis of the light they emit at mid and far infrared wavelengths.

The picture at the bottom was one of first pictures of the distant Universe that we took with the Herschel Space Observatory in the HerMES project which I lead.  It shows thousands of star forming galaxies seen about 10 billion years ago when galaxies in the Universe were much more actively forming stars than they are today.

Here's a video (4m) that gives you some idea of my research.

You can also see a 2m clip of me explaining Herschel research to Patrick Moore on  Sky at Night

If you have more time to spare you could watch my Professorial Lecture "Smoke Signals from the Distant Universe"

I also share some presentations about my research.


HerMES image of GOODS-N