Photo of Simon Rycroft

Simon Rycroft
Senior Lecturer in Human Geography (Geography)
T: +44 (0)1273 873530 or +44 (0)1273 877238


This year I will be teaching the following modules:

First Year:

Human Geogrphies of the Modern World

Skills and Concepts in Geography

Second Year:

Cultural and Historical Geographies

Los Angeles Field Class

Final Year:

Landscape, Nature and Representation


Postgraduate Supervisions:


  • John Walker: The Self, Body and the Urban: How the geographies of the Deaf community are performed in Brighton and Hove city (with Carl Griffin)
  • Yasmin-Cariad Modood: A View Through the Paths of the Museum’s Urban Frame: Video Ethnography on the Mobile Visitor’s Sensory Encounters with the Urban Public Art Museum (with Ben Highmore)
  • Aide Fuentes Barron: Digital Culture & Video Remix: Mapping the creation and appropriation of online content (with Emile Devereaux)
  • Mike Raybourne: Using Interactive Documentary to Strengthen Subject Agency in Azerbaijan (with Emile Devereaux)
  • Josie Jolley: Adrift: Shadow Voyages/Homeless Landscapes (with Divya Tolia-Kelly)


  • Jacken Waters: The City in Crisis: Hackney as a Terrain of Spatialised Conflict (with Dimitris Dalakoglou) 2016
  • Mary Beth KitzelChasing Ancestors: Searching for roots of American Sign Language in Kent 2014
  • Roger Jenness: Landscape and the Geographical Imagination of J.B. Priestley, 1913 -1930 2013
  • Maria Da CostaCities in Motion: Towards an Understanding of the Cinematic City 2000 funded by the Brazilian Government
  • Richard Hornsey: Male Same-Sex Desire and Everyday Life in Post-War London 2003. Funded by AHRB.
  • Will Pilfold: Sir L. Dudley Stamp (1898-1966), Geographer and Public Servant: A Critical Biography 2005. Funded by the Frederick Soddy Trust.