Convenor: The Age of Adolescence (1st and 2nd Year Elective)

Convenor: Critical Approaches I (Autumn, 2018) 

Modernist and Contemporary Fictions (MA seminar)

Thinking Literature (1st Year module)


In the past:

Convenor and course designer, Critical Approaches (First year theory course for c. 200 students)

Convenor, Special period of literature, 1860-1945 (Second year period course for c. 150 students)

Convenor, 1919- Present Day (Second year period course that became 1860-1945)

Henry James (final year seminar)

Modernist and Postmodernist Fiction (MA seminar)

The Uncanny (final year seminar)

Virginia Woolf (final year seminar)

About the Young Idea: Adolescence in Literature and Culture (final year seminar/lecture course)

Special period of literature, 1860-1945 (second year seminar)

1919-Present day (second year seminar)

What is Literature? (First year seminar)

PhDs I have supervised or co-supervised at Sussex have covered a wide range of topics including Anais Nin, the marginalia of the Bloomsbury set at Charleston Farmhouse, Jonathan Coe and the 1980s political novel, Monstrous maternity in 1980s fiction in Britain and Japan, trans YA fiction, passive-agression in the H.D.’s romans à clef, and the Romantic child in modernist and contemporary literature and theory.