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I began teaching at Sussex in 2007 having previously worked and/or studied at University College London, Cambridge, and Cornell University. I am the author of Literature, Technology and Magical Thinking, 1880–1920 (Cambridge University Press, 2001) and Sigmund Freud (Routledge Press, 2000; second edition, 2009). I am the editor of Quadrophenia and Mod(ern) Culture (Palgrave Macmillan, 2017).  I am the co-editor with Leah Price of Literary Secretaries/Secretarial Culture (Ashgate Press, 2005); with Nicola Bown and Carolyn Burdett of The Victorian Supernatural (Cambridge University Press 2004), and with Sian White of a special issue of Textual Practice on Elizabeth Bowen (2013). I am currently working on a book manuscript on modern adolescence and time, called About the Young Idea: Adolescence and Time Travel.

I've written on a wide variety of writers and artists including George Eliot, Henry James, Sigmund Freud, Bob Dylan, Elvis Costello, Bruce Springsteen, Morrissey, and Daniel Clowes. Recent articles are on Henry James and Oscar Wilde in The Henry James Review, Carson McCullers and Toni Morrison in English Studies in Canada 38:3-4, and Freud and Willa Cather in Blackwell’s Concise Companion to Psychoanalysis, Literature and Culture (eds. Laura Marcus and Ankhi Mukherjee). In July 2014, I organised a one-day symposium on the album and film Quadrophenia via the Centre for Modernist Studies at the University of Sussex, and in October, 2016 a symposium, Late and Later James/James at Lamb House, in conjunction with the National Trust, that took place at Henry James's house in Rye.

For potential Phd students: I have written on many different authors and topics including Henry James, Sigmund Freud, and contemporary fictions. If you are thinking about applying to do a Phd with me as a supervisor I suggest you read some of my work (you can find more on page) and see if my approach to texts resembles yours and if my work overlaps strongly with your interests. Entering into a Phd programme at this point in time always means wanting to do it for its own sake (with the possibility of three years funding to work on something you really love). The job market is such that I can’t advise anyone to do it with an expectation of a permanent job in academia at the end of it, even the best students. So thinking in different directions from the beginning is a really good way to go into it.


Recent publications:

on Emmylou Harris’s “Boulder to Birmingham”:

 "Here's a man and woman sitting on a rock": Joni Mitchell, Margaret Atwood, and irritable feminism. in Charnock, Ruth (ed.) Joni Mitchell: new critical readings. Bloomsbury Academic, New York, 2019. 

Editor, Quadrophenia and Mod(ern) Culture. Palgrave Macmillan, 2017.

"I don't think we know we are on this song" reflecting on David Bowie's death, in the Los Angeles Review of Books:

On Henry James's villainess, Madame Merle, from The Portrait of a Lady:

On Elena Ferrante and Doris Lessing, from an MLA panel on Ferrante, 2017:

On Henry James's secretary Theodora Bosanquet:









Reader in English

Convenor: Thinking Literature I and II (from Autumn 2019)

Convenor: The Age of Adolescence