My current research is focused on podcasting.  I have particular interests in:  conceptions and activations of podcasting intimacy and media-facilitated empathy; the mechanics and semantics of podcast speech editing; constructions of podcast audiences; youth and diversity podcasting initiatives; podcast genres; experiments in podcast journalism; dramatic and literary experiments in podcasting; and close listening practices.

More broadly, I am interested in: media aesthetics, poetics and narrative constructions; the socio-cultural impact of new media and emergent media systems; public service broadcasting and the discourse of 'taste' in new and established media; creative media practitioner ethonographies; cultural histories of radio and audio media; and youth emotional wellbieng and resilience through media consumption and production.

Historically my research has probed the semiotics of hypermedia and hypertext, narrative and digital post-narratives, the effects of digital radio in the US, media legislation and rhetorical techniques embedded in diverse media editing strategies.