I developed the SPRU Master's Course Option on 'the Management of Technological Risk' (course outline and slides available here), later very ably convened by Adrian Ely - and now in (hopefully temporary) workload-enforced mothballs.

I give lectures and seminars on issues relating to the above research interests for several postgraduate programmes at SPRU, STEPS and (from time to time) at other universities.

I also helped develop and lead a doctoral summer school on these issues for the EC THEMES Programme, with another summer school upcoming at the STEPS Centre (see newsletter).  

Having supported 22 SPRU doctoral projects and served as examiner for 16 others in 7 countries, I'm keen to  help supervise doctoral theses around the above topics. Seriously interested folk should please feel free to send me a two-page proposal, relating their own enthusiasms to any of the stuff linked to here. Further information on relevant opportunities for doctoral study here at SPRU and STEPS can be found here.