With links to some relevant papers, questions that - with many colleagues - I'm trying to help understand and tackle include:

1. Directions of Progress: Given that research and innovation in any particular area can progress in many alternative directions (and that not all can be realised together), how can society enable a more inclusive, deliberate, democratic, plural and reflexive politics of choice among possible pathways? 

2. Knowledge and Power: How can public policy (including science advice and research governance) be more open, equitable and accountable in dealing with relations between environmental sustainability, technological risk, scientific uncertainty, social values, political priorities, economic interests and the exercise of power?

3. Precaution and Participation: What are the links between progressive social and scientific advance and innovation (on one hand) and participatory democracy, social responsibility and precaution (on the other)? How can we minimise political manipulation and avoid simplistic ideas that these imperatives are somehow necessarily in tension?

4. 'Opening Up' Social Appraisal: Which are the most appropriate and practical ways under different conditions, to get the best out of specialist analysis, whilst valuing public scepticismengaging 'stakeholders', learning from many different knowledges and experiences and respecting and empowering the least privileged groups in society?

5. Diversity and Transformation: How can society achieve global transitions to more genuinely Sustainable technologies - in areas like nuclear powerenergy, gm cropsfood policy, biotechnology, neurosciencebiodiversity, chemicals and public health? What roles can be played by making our technologies and institutions more secure, diverse, flexible and resilient

Much more on many of these (and related) issues can be found at the STEPS Centre website.

Further details on some of my work on these themes are at Google Scholar and Web of Science.


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