Linda's research interests sit at the intersection of education (informal and formal) with refugee and migration studies. She has a particular interest in everyday pedagogies and inter-cultural dimensions of learning and education, identities and social practices such as citizenship and cultural values. She has expertise in qualititative methodologies, including life history, narrative and creative methods. She enjoys working on participative and peer research projects, and has worked with refugee community researchers and refugee organisations on several projects. 

Current research project:

Optimising refugee resettlement in the UK: a comparative analysis is an ESRC funded project (2014-2018).  The project is longitudinal and combines quantitative and qualitative methods to explore the experiences and outcomes for refugees who were resettled to the UK prior to 2010. The research is multidisciplinary with Mike Collyer (Geography) and Rupert Brown (Psychology). See Refugee resettlement

Cultural Values from the Subaltern Perspective: A Phenomenology of Refugees' Experience of British Culture is an AHRC funded project (2014). This research explores understandings of 'Britishness' and 'British' identity in the context of growing critiques of multiculturalism and a shift towards more assimilationist Government policies. With Sally Munt.


Previously studies:

She has been awarded several funding grants from the EU. One of her most recent EU research projects was Hidden Histories: Intercultural Dialogue. This was a participative research research project  exploring the life stories and experiences of refugees and asylum seekers. See Hidden Histories 

Linda has completed research on ways of expanding and improving part-time higher education in the UK. This research is commissioned by the Institute for Employment Studies and funded by the Department for Business Innovation and Skills.