Photo of Brian Cummings

Brian Cummings
Professor Of English (Centre for Literature and Philosophy)


While working full-time on his research grant, Brian is teaching only doctoral students. In recent years his teaching has been on the full range of the Sussex programme: What is Literature? and History of Reading in the West in the first year BA; Tragedy and Staging the Renaissance: Shakespeare in the second year; and Senses of the Self, the Special Author course Milton, and the period courses on English Literature 1580-1640 and 1600-1742, in the final year BA. For several years he was also convenor of the MA in Early Modern Literature and Culture. He helped to design the options Idea of the Renaissance (on humanism and the history of the book, taught in the Special Collections department at the Library), and Public Shakespeare (covering textual bibliography and the history of the theatre, also taught in Special Collections); both of these courses are still available.