Ivor Gaber's main research interests lie in the broad field of political communication.

In terms of the UK his research has covered areas such as the relationship between politicians and journalists, the changing nature of election coverage, media representations of the Labour Party and the relationship between the media and policymaking and aspects of political campaigning.

He has also written about media regulation and in particular issues around media bias and representation.

He has also undertaken a number of studies investigating the dynamics of television news in terms of framing and news agenda studies. These have included a major study of UK TV News agendas between 1979 and TV news coverage of the Israel/Palestine conflict.

He is currently overseeing a major research project which will investigate the impact of the social media on the 2015 General Election campaign in the South of England.

Two (unrelated) new areas of research he has begun exploring are the role of the media in sub-Saharan election campaigns and the impact of the media on the practice of social work, with particular regard to child protection.