My research focuses on the design and evaluation of mental health interventions for children, adolescents and their families. I am particularly interested in understanding the social ecology of youth mental health and psychological help seeking, and then applying these insights to address challenges in service delivery for ‘hard-to-reach’ and 'hard-to-treat' populations.

This has involved work on transdiagnostic psychological interventions in secondary schools (UK & India); a peer-led parenting curriculum for homeless families (UK); a specialized parenting intervention for caregivers with personality difficulties (UK); and an internationally validated service experience measure and quality improvement system for child and adolescent mental health care providers (UK & Sweden). User involvement is integral to these efforts, ensuring that research and practice elements are grounded in the priorities and preferences of young people and carers.

I welcome enquiries from prospective students and service partners wishing to pursue clinical and community-based research in related areas.