Mr Marco Tedeschi

Post:Research student (Space Research Group)
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From a young age I had a passion for mechanics and informatics which I pursued with practical experiences and choosing the proper education. The passion for space was also something that always accompanied me during my whole life.

I found a way to merge my passion for mechanics and for space attending the B.D. in Aerospace Engineering and the M.Sc. in Space Engineering at Politecnico di Milano. During my studies at the university I found also a way to exploit and improve my computer skills since most of the courses which I attended included projects that had to be developed with engineering softwares, most of the times in Matlab.

During the last year of my M.Sc. I started dealing with the design of remote sensing payloads, especially optical ones. My final M.Sc. thesis, "Radiometric Model of the POSST Telescope for Space Debris Monitornig", was about the modeling of an optical system to perform remote sensing operations.

After the completion of my M.Sc. I found the perfect PhD position at University of Sussex, since it allowed me to continue my studies in the field of the optical remote sensing payloads . In February 2019 I joined the Space Research Group and I am currently working on the MicroADS project, which aims to develop a novel satellite attitude determination system offering star-tracker levels of performance in a much smaller instrument.


Doctoral researcher working in the Space Research Group at the MicroADS project. The Space Research Group in the School of Engineering and Informatics at University of Sussex is supervised by Prof. Anna M. Barnett.


Current         DPhil Engineering, University of Sussex

2016-2018    M.Sc. Space Engineering, Politecnico di Milano

2010-2016    B.D. Aerospace Engineering, Politecnico di Milano