Miss Evelyn Keryova

Post:Research student (Social Work and Social Care)
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Multimedia journalist, journalism graduate, digital subeditor and production editor at the Guardian, currently researching critical thinking of young people who are active users of YouTube and the impact of YouTube influencers on children and teenagers. 

The research explores young people’s participation and use of social media and examines the shift from watching traditional television to YouTube content. The focus of this research is to find out what young people’s critical thinking looks like in relation to YouTube and how they engage with YouTube content. The concept of everyday culture is relatively new, the current studies are very separate, and they do not speak together. This study is intended to offer a focus towards young people's perspective on critical thinking and to determine what the critical thinking for both active and passive audiences looks like when participating online or offline on YouTube. It also discusses potential changes in this leading video-based social media platform.


Middlesex University London - BA Journalism and Media, 2012-2015

City University London - MA Investigative Journalism, 2015-2016